The Athens Project is a research blog focused on Architecture and Urban Design in Athens and the Mediterranean. As epicenter of the economic crisis, Athens is thought as a platform for a renovated architecture criticism and design innovation.

The Athens Project aims to open a debate about the role of architecture and urban design, in which criticality and reflexivity reconsidering the exchanges between academia context and professional practice. The Athens Project gathers together various mean of talking about Architecture and the City, in form of interviews, written essays, artworks , and projects with the aim to bring together practitioners and academics from architecture, planning, photography, art, engineering, and arts.


Fabiano Micocci is an architect and urban designer, founder of the international practice NEAR Architecture. He graduated from University Roma Tre in 2002 and he has a Specialization Course in ‘History of the Design Process’ from the same university (2003). He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Florence (2010). He taught at the University of Florence (2007-10) and the Lebanese American University of Beirut (2013-14), as well as in many International Workshops. Actually he is Senior Lecturer at the Akmi Metropolitan College of Athens (March in Architecture and Urbanism) and Senior Associate at Urban Transcripts.